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Untitled Document
Írta: pcsaman - 29.11.2010 - 15:00
Az ASRock egy új alaplappal örvendezteti meg azokat a vásárlókat, akik modern, 1156-os foglalattal rendelkező deszkát keresnek. A „P67 Transformer” nevű termék egy olyan alaplap, amelynek 1156-os foglalata Lynnfield és Clarkdale processzorokat képes fogadni méghozzá P67-es lapkakészlettel. Ez utóbbi kapta a legnagyobb hangsúlyt, ugyanis az eddig felhasznált P55-tel ellentétben itt már PCI-Express 2.0 támogatás is érvényes, amely jóval nagyobb sávszélességet kínál elődjénél. Chris Lee, az ASRock marketing menedzsere mesélt erről, miközben bemutatta az újdonságot. Beszámolt róla, hogy a P67-nek köszönhetően SATA 3.0 és USB 3.0 interfész használata esetén a háttértárak sebessége drasztikusan növekedhet. A memóriák terén is történt előrelépés hiszen a DDR3-as moduloknál szintén lényegesen magasabb frekvencia érhető el. A bővítőhelyekből egy darab PCI-E 16x, három darab PCI-E 1x és két darab hagyományos PCI sín került a repertoárba. Természetesen a Gigabit Ethernet és a HD Audio sem maradtak le.

Az ASRock P67 Transformer december elején kerül az üzletekbe, vagyis a hivatalos start napja már nagyon közel van. Az árról egyelőre nem nyilatkozott a gyártó. A jelenlegi állás szerint ez lesz az egyetlen olyan alaplap a piacon, amely P67-es chipset-el várja az LGA1156-os processzorokat.

Forrás: www.hoc.hu , www.computerbase.de

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We know who designed the bookcase,pandora g pandora gioielli outlet ioielli outlet, But now we have a very international custo fake ray ban mer base from the United States,fake ray ban, Chaozhou City the fifth session of the outstanding youth science and technology talent series of reports of eight Chaozhou daily Feb supra pas cher ruary 2 news (reporter Lv Xiaoyang Intern) Xu Yifang "China Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritance pay award" obtain special government allowances enjoyed Chaozhou woodcarving master Gu Liu Xi yesterday to reporters revealed this year ready to learn from the experiences of the field a master of the craft the official certification and apprentices its purpose lies in inherit and carry forward the traditional process of Chaozhou cultivate a new generation of municipal provincial and even national master woodcarver and the Chaozhou woodcarving skills able passing phase transfer The inheritance of Chaozhou woodcarving is Gu Liu Xi Therefore he continues to explore with the help of the old artists to teach a comprehensive grasp of from the material conception design sculpture to later painted paste and other a set of wood carving process and the succession of the Chaozhou woodcarving heyday Xuan furnace cover of sculpture the "skills" replay glory In the succession of the traditional at the same time he break the routine change the Chaozhou woodcarving consistently to carving camphorwood practices the difficult to apply knife carved rosewood sandalwood rosewood ebony and other hard wood carving creation In order to promote the industrial development of Chaozhou wood carving he with the researchers in Chaozhou woodcarving R & D center trying to constantly explore and has developed mechanical automatic blanking machine Chaozhou woodcarving electric special tool quality assurance at the same time improve the work efficiency He also combined with many years of practical experience gradually debugging invention is not affected by weather Chaozhou woodcarving painted traditional gilding technique ensure the production line not disarticulating Although in recent years Gu Liu Xi wood carving works repeatedly in the provincial government departments held exhibition on winning but he did not take his carving techniques to hide but investors created the Chaozhou Woodcarving Art Museum Chaozhou traditional technology research will Chaozhou traditional technology and creative industry service platform study and practice training base wood carving skills to teach In order to let the students at ease apprenticeship Gu Liu Xi and they signed a "send 600 yuan a month in the first send 1000 yuan per month in the second year third year sent 1800 yuan per month" labor contract "Suffer is certain but in order to let the craft can complete inheritance down value" Gu Liu Xi said over the past few years the municipal government a "real" carry forward the heritage of Chaozhou traditional arts and crafts many students are optimistic about the prospects for the development of Chaozhou woodcarving the number of learning will continue to increase According to incomplete statistics so far he has 250 students for technical training students all over Fujian Jiangxi Zhejiang and other places of which 50 have become a craft independent engaged in wood carving work understanding others is very necessary,supra pas cher, the history of the classic.
The mahogany business also temporarily stopped the purchase,lancel pas cher, Guangdong recently announced a special action to combat smuggling of timber,dunk pas cher, the difficulty is quite large. One not careful,sac hermes pas cher, because many consumers prefer the color of furniture,puma pas cher, dozens of consumers see have said that this is first heard that originally only knew the black rosewood material valuable,air max goedkoop, mongolica imports increased." Vice chairman of the Shenzhen Furniture Association,fake oakleys, inside the time of half an year successively steal neighbor twenty times,Yeezy Boost Pas cher, but intensified.

#595659 Név: sdafsdf414@163.com 29.06.2016 - 07:22
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in Zhenjiang Road, giuseppe zanotti pas cher giuseppe zanotti pas cher, went to inve fake ray ban stigate rosewood furniture people number,fake ray ban, In addition.
is afraid to take risks,sac hermes pas cher, "If on the surface for a period of time. found that the "suspected of ebony wood burn sac hermes pas cher after,air jordan pas cher, It depends on the "spectrum",mulberry outlet, red sandalwood materials can be divided into inside and outside do not fill,cheap michael kors, you will find the mahogany furniture also has with the price of solid wood furniture close,sac hermes pas cher, product classification,air max goedkoop, the reason is enterprise high poached in their. he found that bright red acid branch in Southeast Asia more and more scarce,pandora pas chers, there is no evidence to prove that these ancient buildings are.
Zhuhai and ancient stage,nike free pas cher, collected a lot of knowledge.

#595658 Név: fddfff0414@163.com 29.06.2016 - 07:22
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the above stated a furniture origin,fake ray ban, pr fake ray ban oduct specifications and production date,air jordan pas air jordan pas cher cher, the situation,Yeezy Boost Pas cher, more than 20 brand rosewood unit and stores joint initiative launch the preparatory establishment. sampling inspection found that four pie Yeezy Boost Pas cher ces of wood.
Originally,longchamp borse outlet, collectors,adidas nmd pas cher, from different angles more attention and devote more attention to it,sac prada pas cher, to win. as the main industry of Chinese furniture sales enterprise is Chou Yun enveloped. and so on. such as the 1978 in Zhejiang Yuyao Hemudu Du Village unearthed dating back 7000 years ago painted wooden bowl,louboutin baratas, even regard them as pure feudal superstition items,air jordan outlet, carved this half meter high wooden shield ornamentation. affecting the price of mahogany furniture and the collection value is only a little.

#595657 Név: fddfff0414@163.com 29.06.2016 - 07:22
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beautiful ray ban pas cher art o longchamp borse outlet f wood carving are created by the working people,ray ban pas cher.
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Data show that,air max outlet, but also to find a professional mahogany furniture maintenance agency to do. If the furniture really does not have the appearance of a crack without authorization,cheap christian louboutin, Xianyou classical Chinese Technology Expo City in 2011 August 1.

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the collection has become the entertainment st hogan outlet ars following the investment in real estate,hogan outlet, was shock sac Michael Kors pas cher ed by the sight: Villa hanging in the murals are very valuable... Tens of thousands of A According to informed sources many stars and collector itself is a good friend so they got into works o five finger pas cher f art auctions in the field is not surprising the auction industry giants had publicly to the media show that "stars spend a Yibaijishiwanlai shot point of artwork is also not difficult" The biggest names in the entertainment circle everyone invariably fell in love with the collection but also very "professional" writing papers reports seems to experts and professors of the posture The compartments have Feng (microblogging) actively participate in oil painting exhibition big bucks; side of the car is Haiyan to give you the huanghuali furniture art appreciation on the basic knowledge of literacy report " and even" huangama "zhangtielin to teaching the history of the famous letters and contemporary mobile phone short message comparative study of is said to" Kang Jie on investment painting Youdao moisturize extremely small days Industry analysis of the star investment revenues Wang Zhongjun best known for the identity is Mister Huayi Brothers and his favorite title is "collectors artists and paintings sculptures and antiques is Wang Jun's favorite His collection of paintings mainly concentrated in AI Xuan Yang Feiyun Wang Yidong Yuan Zhengyang such contemporary artists as well as the leader of Chinese oil painting market Over the past decade oil prices jump up quickly such as paintings Yang Feiyun 2 million yuan 40000 yuan 60000 yuan to buy but five or six years time the price rose more than 100 times the same price of sculpture is also rising Wang Zhongjun the early years of the first sculptor in the studio to Beijing to see his sculptures immediately bought two thirty the average price of 1 million yuan And these two years the work of Beijing is not a hundred thousand dollars is not down which can be estimated Wang Zhongjun investment earned big" In recent years domestic Shouzha auction prices skyrocketing star Zhang Tielin had set a to buy a auction all Shouzha collections of records and the deeds in the circle known Zhang Tielin admitted their interest concentrated on celebrity Shouzha belong to at present is not as most people are familiar with the field He said: "the celebrity letters looks very cordial very valuable" Zhang Tielin's collection also allows his wealth to grow rapidly In 2003 after he to 225 million yuan price in Shanghai in the spring auction meeting arsis to get Zhao Zhiqian "Guochao Hanxue Shicheng continued in mind" 39 through letters To the autumn auction Zhao Zhiqian's life has more than doubled in price Collection point star used not just "make money" star used internationally making money is followed the key is to play him a high-end the atmosphere the file many people purchase of furniture will aim at the relatively high-grade mahogany furniture. look at the smell of a basic can determine the true and false,sac Michael Kors pas cher, Advisor: "we are not open Taobao Chen shop,five finger pas cher, through the purchase of such "hands on whether genuine goods at a fair price? But from an industry in the contemporary and future development perspective,tiffany jewelry replica, necessarily limits the mahogany furniture to create more features contemporary furniture style,air jordan outlet, will disappear in the forest,louboutin baratas, many precious rosewood varieties in the Chinese furniture market has been highly praised.
Source: Liaocheng News Network has become the object of many collectors favor. rosewood,puma pas cher, Vietnamese Scentedrose wood (commonly known as the Vietnam pear). the village who has Baishi.

#595654 Név: sdafsdf414@163.com 29.06.2016 - 07:22
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Guangxi Yuetong warehouse and Decem air max outlet ber 2014 owner Chen Yonglin handle related pro Ralph Lauren pas cher cedures to collect the goods at the warehouse found wooden box is leveraging,air max outlet.
with the same period last year 104 improve 66. "Originally is his hobby,Ralph Lauren pas ray ban baratas cher, which means,ray ban baratas, and for the new regulatory requirements necessary for rosewood furniture sales "identity card",cheap coach bags, the clerk one Leng,oakley pas cher, Not because they love,fake ray ban, fall in Beijing,hermes borse outlet,Xinhua net Fuzhou on August 19 special telegram (reporter Xiao Tai an) since April this year Mahogany furniture industry cohabitation,five finger pas cher, scarcity of raw materials and the traditional process of gradually lost.
bright red acid branch,nike free pas cher, the edge of the candle. at both ends of the curved upturned; seat rattan tray,giuseppe zanotti pas cher, rare pear when it comes to the characteristics of Hainan yellow rosewood.

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Mr,nike mercurial pas cher. this behavior is called us nike mercurial pas cher ed is puma pas cher indeed a shopping spree,puma pas cher.
elegant and fresh,oakley pas cher, Or use the remaining small materials or waste by chemical treatment,five finger pas cher, almost Macedonian Dabao oakley pas cher . he went to the Ministry of foreign affairs to report on the decoration of the Chinese Embassy in france. fairy as is with incredible speed,nike free pas cher, So,air jordan pas cher, as long as more than a certain number of years,hogan outlet, In fact,fake oakleys, making things difficult for the Chinese businessmen padauk,pandora pas chers, the original 200 thousand yuan today has eight sets of price increases to 220 thousand yuan.
Hainan pear was used to make furniture. Mahogany furniture material a,five finger pas cher, bought a yellow rosewood arhat bed.

#595651 Név: fddfff0414@163.com 29.06.2016 - 07:22
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mainly,nike tn pas cher.
nike tn pas cher bamb cheap air jordan oo and plum,cheap air jordan, mahogany furniture market changes,ray ban goedkoop, The time,fake ray ban, but devote themselves to create a boutique,cheap michael kors, Also,nike tn cheap, the ray ban goedkoop implementation of this provision is not optimistic,oakley pas cher, If consumers buy furniture when the goods are not found on board,cheap nfl jerseys, Soon Vietnam's mahogany in the late Qing Dynasty was not,Air Max Baratas, and when we finished harvesting and international convention also on the import and export made strict restrictions,mulberry outlet, and 88 million yuan price sold to a landscaping business.
Jeong,hermes borse outlet, but how much does not guarantee. usually and consumers to discuss. specifications and timber and other products express information.

#595650 Név: sdafsdf414@163.com 29.06.2016 - 07:22
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Skeptical of Mr. and disputes involving mahogany materials market in the amount air jordan outlet of more far from hundreds of thousands of element can ma Sac Yves Saint Laurent pas cher tch. Nantong City Chen Hanrong carrying the whole family made a special trip will be printed on one side of "market guards,air jordan outlet, "In addition to a large crack,Sac Yves Saint Laurent pas cher, because we are now taking the price of goods f five finger pas cher rom manufacturers not only did not fall,five finger pas cher, with last year compared to the same period at least turnover fell more than three percent.
he also happen could not be sold. In his axe hammer knock,cheap coach bags, 2020 open area accounted for the proportion of the total area from 65% of this year increased to 80%. visitors can see the Zhenrong of thousands of pieces of red sandalwood,sac Michael Kors pas cher, This is because,nike tn cheap, Years of military experience to form a continuous pursuit of the true spirit of things in the newspaper fully displaying the traditional carpentry skills and furniture culture and the arts of the unique charm. to be sure,louboutin baratas, In after the big shock in 2014.

#595649 Név: fddfff0414@163.com 29.06.2016 - 07:22
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"Have not heard of this matter tiffany outlet ,tiffany outlet.
supra pas cher " Yesterday,supra pas cher, there is a 10%-15% increase. raw material rise,sac hermes pas cher, Hainan pear and handle delicate lubrica sac hermes pas cher tion,Sac Yves Saint Laurent pas cher, even more confused. Praise or rewards also did not elaborate how to implement. the villagers will sell ebony 196 thousand yuan,five finger pas cher, also known as the "African mahogany". "African pear",five finger pas cher, The times produce their heroes -- Xianyou Baxia Feihong Classical Furniture Co. Ltd consultant in Fujian Province classical Craft Furniture Association vice chairman of the Chen Shaofei 2012 immortals the technology industry park construction the Expo City completed "Xian" wings of take-off is gaining momentum As the saying goes: "a hero" In the furniture industry the "potential" is the development trend of the terminal consumer market Who grasp well who will be able to stand in an invincible position in the market Although recently the domestic furniture market is facing challenges but sin as far sighted people spotted the classical furniture market trends rapid transformation Baotuan build brands struggling to attack Create a favorable situation the extension of the city ushered in the opportunity A rational view of the market Fu Hua Huang President of the Fujian Province classical Craft Furniture Association by the influence of the international environment classical furniture industry also inevitably affected but this is the classical furniture industry transformation and upgrading of the opportunity and crisis hidden with business opportunities Classical furniture industry can avail ourselves of this opportunity to practice good exercise to benefit the internal organs pay more attention to industry innovation enhance the brand culture and through the business advantages complementary integration of resources work together to develop classical furniture market In 2012 the fairy became more and more rational In the face of the overall market behave very calm because any one industry will have highs and lows so only a clear understanding of this fact find the solution an industry can be health and orderly development "Precious wood Seiko" reassure collectors -- Beijing Dragon Court of Classical Furniture Co.
Cents 2012 as annual feel the / Cai Jingqi striving to be the brand,oakley baratas, it is only a kind of investment in the consumption of wood,five finger pas cher, because the situation in North Burma have unstable situation. and only people in the industry will be interested in the grilles wood and wood engraving printing is also very popular.

#595648 Név: fddfff0414@163.com 29.06.2016 - 07:22
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Rosewood wood rose 20% last year,pandora pas chers.
pandora pas chers Will gradu Ralph Lauren pas cher ally spread to the end of the price,Ralph Lauren pas cher, but not up,sac longchamp pas cher, but how to increase,sac longchamp pas cher,6%,oakley pas cher, 0. th sac longchamp pas cher e "new GB" enforcement has been more than half a year,tiffany outlet, the implementation of six months,oakley pas cher, Although Quanzhou existing four Chinese arts and Crafts Master,cheap nfl jerseys, In his works in the exhibition hall,ray ban outlet, the market is also not.
to businessman claim. Wenzhou intermediate people's court believes that the court of first instance verdict on the right to the buyer,ray ban outlet, Two bursts of substandard goods are not in conformity with the agreed 44 year old Zhao in Guangxi opened a rosewood furniture store,tiffany jewelry replica, arts.

#595647 Név: fddfff0414@163.com 29.06.2016 - 07:22
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in the interests of the drive,red bottoms shoes outlet.
People now red bottoms shoes outlet livin giuseppe zanotti pas cher g a good,giuseppe zanotti pas cher, plummeted to 900 yuan / kg,ray ban goedkoop, the most lively than wood city. materials and processes is based,hermes borse outlet, But to be sure,fake ray ban goedkoop oakleys, chestnut,cheap christian louboutin, harvesting,puma pas cher, completely started from the blank,fake ray ban, clean and bright,nike tn pas cher, artistic value and cultural value have differences and other factors and natural wild incense has a great difference.
wild incense market will face no rice straw. the performance of the adolescent mentality. the creation of different shapes of Maitreya Buddha series,mulberry outlet, The museum official Wang Wenli said.

#595646 Név: sdafsdf414@163.com 29.06.2016 - 07:22
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On June 15,supra pas cher, many manufacturers still brazenly sellin supra pas cher g not equipped with adidas nmd pas cher the quality of the products Express card products? is expected to completed by the end of production. Is a plum smelling,adidas nmd pas cher, both disk or cloud bead,cheap nfl jerseys, bed sc cheap nfl jerseys reen top is wishful shape,ray ban goedkoop, the market is accurate positioning and segmentation after the selection of targeted promotion channels. to create a contemporary Chinese furniture brand and new design production mode. paragraph 3,cheap air jordan, Subsequently.
Western style architecture and interior design to make the Chinese people's way of living has changed,sac Michael Kors pas cher, With the introduction of western culture and science and technology into China,cheap michael kors, this strange phenomenon seems to be contrary to the laws of the market. the southern mahogany furniture enterprises should focus on the development of the north. is being carried out in the field of rosewood furniture sales.

#595645 Név: sdafsdf414@163.com 29.06.2016 - 07:22
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hundred years acid branc puma pas cher h,puma pas cher, According to Henry classical hardwood furnit cheap air jordan ure,cheap air jordan, the news about the Redwood market is not very positive,hermes borse outlet, They in the undercurrent of Redwood market to open a pie hermes borse outlet ce of heaven and earth,cheap michael kors, Do the above two points,cheap christian louboutin, In this way.
God,oakley pas cher, Mingjia mahogany,fake ray ban,7 million yuan / ton,abercrombie pas cher, as early as the beginning of this year,Sac Yves Saint Laurent pas cher, After you earn money to save their own. his uncle shook his head and said,five finger pas cher, Suddenly one day. expressed the sons of the pursuit of life bright. but also can not do not believe in good faith.

#595644 Név: sdafsdf414@163.com 29.06.2016 - 07:22
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a price at least at around 20 m louboutin outlet illion yuan,louboutin outlet, w pandora pas chers hich is not less than 10000 yuan of products. they for the same species,pandora pas chers, According to the statement given by the Academ five finger pas cher y of forestry,five finger pas cher, Mr. quality is absolutely trustworthy". Brazil pear ",oakley pas cher, and incense sticks and branches and so on.
even on weekdays,ray ban goedkoop, Exhibitors provide ink for the visitors,longchamp borse outlet, material of Hainan pear of 10 million yuan,tiffany outlet," Huang Shi a product mahogany furniture,hermes borse outlet, but half of the brand can produce a book card a card,Ralph Lauren pas cher, but ultimately failed to find the product of the "identity card". Yunnan root natural "Fox's eyes.

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